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Toxic Chemicals and Endocrine Disrupting Compounds

Mercury, Dioxin and Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxics

ISF is nationally recognized as a leader in mercury  and other toxics pollution prevention. ISF coordinated a national campaign to virtually eliminate the sale of mercury thermometers in United States, provided acclaimed educational tools for the healthcare industry and assisted in the development and passage of first in the nation mercury legislation in Duluth, and across the United States. ISF has consulted for the Chinese EPA on mercury elimination, and works with the UNEP, WHO and HCWH on mercury elimination around the globe.

ISF facilitated the Mercury Dog Project using a mercury detecting dog, Clancy. Now directly coordinated by the State of Minnesota the project. Goals of the program included the reduction of risk from potential mercury exposure to students and school staff, and elimination of mercury containing equipment.

ISF has worked on a variety of dioxin initiatives which have helped build models for the nation, including an award winning documentary on PVC elimination in healthcare, consulting to the City of San Francisco and presentations to the Pan American Health Association.


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Mercury Man Appears at Washington D.C Healthcare Conference